Ethics & environment

Our concrete commitment to environmental protection, Respect for Mankind and economical sustainability.

Since 1996, COLORS FOR LIFE represents Monticolor’s engagement to directing its products and the production-connected activities to a new model of development in which the following values coexist:
Care for the environment, respect for mankind, economical sustainability

It’s an eco-friendly and ethical project of natural yarns for fashion; a contribution to our environment and global health that turns into a philosophy of sustainable organic product, from seed to finished garment.

With its range COLORS FOR LIFE, Monticolor has supported the BIO PHILOSOPHY for more than 10 YEARS.

SOCIAL EQUITY and respect for the fundamental rights of the workers along all
the production chain, by acknowledging fair salary and dignity in the working conditions. RESPECT FOR THE ENVIRONMENT through the use of technologies and procedures that reduce pollution and safeguard the water resources. NON-TOXICITY in contact with the skin to grant human wellbeing.

"Water is the most vital resource for mankind, but it is also the most polluted in the world".

Monticolor has successfully joined the DETOX project with a leadership role.

Research carried out by Greenpeace has highlighted how certain textile industries release, during the various stages of production, toxic discharges that go to disperse in rivers. The danger of these discharges can have negative effects on humans, animals and the environment.
We were the first to believe that a production of “clean” fabrics and accessories was possible and we worked to make it happen when many were still skeptical.

When some processes were technically possible only with the use of dangerous substances (Chromium VI, heavy metals, parachloroaniline …), we believed that the solutions would come to reach a critical mass of demand, and we started to create it. We welcomed the other companies that gradually joined and today many of those processes are possible without eco-toxicological risks.

Since 2020, Monticolor has eliminated all emissions of dangerous chemical substances from its production chains, guaranteeing the planet and future generations a future free of toxic substances.

Monticolor is an active Member of BCI (Better Cotton Initiative) comunity, the largest cotton sustainability programme in the world. BCI exists to make global cotton production better for the people who produce it, better for the environment it grows in and better for the sector’s future.

The Colors For Life family of yarns is constantly enriched with new articles, for example combining organic cotton with post-consumer recycled cashmere. Monticolor tells the story of a noble raw material that is no way wasted and comes back to a second life.